The One-Stop Shop (OSS) is an online facilitation mechanism that seeks to bring relevant government agencies together, coordinated and streamlined, to provide efficient and transparent services to investors. Many countries around the world have established similar centers to centralize the execution of a number of regulatory, compliance, and value-added services through a single physical or virtual location. The purpose of an OSS is to provide investors with a single place for applying for and obtaining necessary approvals for different registrations, licenses, and permits required for investment in the country.

How can I get a verification link again?

Please enter your registered email address and submit.

Why I need to Sign-up to submit application?

The OSS is web-based application for investors to receive Visa Recommendation Letter, Visa On arrival letter, Work Permit, Branch/Liaison/ Representative office permission and Foreign Borrowing through online. Only the authorized user of BIDA can submit application through the system. The sample of the authorization letter is available on field no. 6 of sign up form.

Video for how to create user : https://youtu.be/JFmPRqROWtM

How can I get updates on the application status?

From the Investor eService user can get the current status of duly submitted application. This action can be seen from the stage section.
Submitted: The stage means that you have submitted your application.
Verified: The stage belongs that your application has been successfully reviewed by BIDA.
Approved: The stage belongs that you submission has been already got the approval. You will get an auto generated e‐mail to your authorize person’s e‐mail address also it to be send to concern stockholder with approval copy.
Shortfall: The stage means that you have submitted your application with required information and BIDA have already reviewed the application but considered the application as shortfall due to some information or documents mismatch or not uploaded correctly. In this stage you will also get an e‐mail from BIDA as shortfall. You can see the remarks of shortfall the top side of the application. If it is information mismatch you are able to edit the application and re-submit.
Discard: The stage belongs that you have submitted your application with such type of information that cannot be considered as realistic or have not existence of your provided information or completed your application with garbage data. BIDA has right to drop your submission request if found any thing seems like that.

To whom I should contact for Registration process related support?

You can contact directly to the respective officer where your application is currently under process. You can see the serving desk on your user there is showing the current desk officer name and designation. For general purpose information, you can contact the below during office hour:
Call center no.: +8809678771353
Email: ossbida@bidaquickserv.org
For more information please visit: http://www.bida.gov.bd

To whom should I contact for technical support?

Business Automation Ltd. provides technical support for this project. You can contact with the respective officer for your necessary technical support during office hour.
Call center no.: +8809678771353
Email: support@batworld.com
Online Support portal: http://support.batworld.com