About quick service portal

Many countries around the world have established similar centres to centralize the execution of a number of regulatory, compliance, and value-added services through a single physical or virtual location. To improve the investment facilitation services in Bangladesh, The Government of Bangladesh has enacted an act titled “One Stop Service Act 2017”. Under the act, Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) has been empowered to implement one stop services (OSS) for investors. The OSS under BIDA shall ultimately serve as a single window and the only point of contact between the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) and investors for investment related services. The OSS of BIDA, named as quick service portal, comprises the following components:

  1. A single website comprised of two sub-components. The first part is an online service platform for delivering investor services to the registered users. The platform enables investors to view, request, and receive services generated through a workflow management system. On the second part, an information portal has been prepared for presenting all investment news, statistics, reports, primary and secondary laws, guidelines and instructions, and any other investment-related information.
  2. An internal workflow management system that enables BIDA to process applications in the back office. The workflow management system is connected with different Government systems to process the service requests and finally deliver the approval letters.
  3. An internal document management and archiving system that enables BIDA to manage all electronic documents transmitted via its portal.
  4. A centralized backend data storage system with data redundancy, which enables BIDA to store and manage all transaction, user, and system data.
  5. An internal reporting engine and data discovery and visualization tools.